New 7-Paper Contribution to Supplement: "External Genitalia" (Jan-Feb 2020)

New 7-paper contribution to supplement published in Differentiation (Jan-Feb 2020)

We would like to acknowledge our incredible UCSF research team, all of our collaborators, all of our funding sources and specifically support from UCSF Department of Urology to make this project possible.

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Larry Baskin and Jerry Cunha

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External Genitalia Special Issue

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External Genitalia papers from the Baskin Lab

  1. Reproductive tract biology: Of mice and men (PDF)
  2. Imaging the Developing Human External and Internal Urogenital Organs with Light Sheet Fluorescence Microscopy (PDF)
  3. Clitoral development in the mouse and human (PDF)
  4. Androgen-independent events in penile development in humans and animals (PDF)
  5. Androgen and estrogen receptor expression in the developing human penis and clitoris (PDF) (Supplementary Data)
  6. Hot Spots in Fetal Human Penile and Clitoral Development (PDF) (Supplementary Data)
  7. Development of the human prepuce and its innervation (PDF)